Monday, March 26, 2012

Camera Bag

I was so thrilled when I heard my door bell ring this afternoon and the postman had my package from Jo-Totes.  I had to do a quick post ... I've just finished packing it and it's ready to go with  me once I'm feeling better.


I hope to be ordering one of their other popular styles once they come in stock.  Now I have no excuse to take my baby with me. 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sick Days {Simple Things Sunday}

What a Sunday it's been so far .... made it too bed way too early this morning (no, i didn't sleep last night) and woke up 2 hours later to a sick little person.  I managed to sneak in a 1/2 hour nap right after lunch only to find my little guy with a  high fever.  Not much of a Sunday here for us so far, I hope that I don't catch anything from my kiddo.  

One of the best things that has totally saved the day has been our iPad.  I inherited my husband's old iPad which now belongs to the family and keeps long trips pleasant for everyone all around.  Today I would say The Muppet Show Movie has been played about 3 times ... hey, whatever works.  Kept the little one from wandering around the house trying to play going up and down the stairs and over heating.  

This has to be my favorite moment of the day ...  holding hands with daddy and snuggling with Kermit seemed to make things all better.

It's Sunday so don't forget to visit Simple As That by clicking here to see what everyone else has been up to on this Sunday.  Rebecca is also doing a giveaway ....   

Hope your day has been a lot more exciting and illness-free than mine.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Trying New Things

I cannot believe I've never EVER had this yummy little vegetable dish in my life!

This Sunday I decided to change up my vegetable side dish from my usual same 'ole boring carrots, asparagus, broccoli, string beans, or cauliflower and try brussels sprouts.  Oh my!  I searched online to find the best, tastiest way to prepare this mini cabbage and found that roasting it was a big hit by many online.

We loved them.  A little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, stick it in the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees and VOILA!

Visit Rebecca's site to see what others have submitted for her  Simple Things Sunday .... you might get an idea to try something new or at least to see some awesome photos.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Dinner

What to do with a brand spanking new bottle of vodka that has been sitting in my freezer for almost a year now?  Get to cooking.

I searched online for the easiest way of making this delicious dish, thank goodness I found The Pioneer Woman.  She had the easiest and best looking Penne alla Vodka …. If you’re interested in getting the recipe visit the site, you will not regret making this dish.

This is all I used …

It came out great!


Pickin' at the Farm

We decided to get our weekend started off one day early and make a field trip out to a local farm with all the kids (not all mine).  This was by far the best experience I’ve had with four kids at a farm, none ended up with dirt or mud on their clothes or tracking in dirt into the kitchen floor.  It was the easiest way of picking strawberries … standing up while picking with kid’s safety scissors, not at all what I expected. 

Not only were their strawberries but we also had the chance to pick beans and hopefully in 2 months tomatoes.  I can’t wait! 

So what did I do with all those strawberries?  Well, there is no way that we would finish the whole batch on our own so ..... we decided to store a few away in our freezer and use them for STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKES …. Yumm!  I normally purchase frozen organic strawberries to use for our smoothies or shakes so I thought I’d save my freshly picked strawberries for that.  My other option would have been to make a jelly but we honestly don’t eat much of that with our peanut butter sandwiches.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Sunday Snapshot

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's Get Ready {iHeartFaces}

You may look at this photograph and think, “this is not the best looking photo,” but you have no idea how great it made me feel to put a little bit of makeup on my face, roll my hair in rollers and feel girly again.  These past weeks I have been dealing with very difficult issues that I’d rather not get into, let’s make this a happy post.  For the first time in a loooooong time I felt beautiful again. 

I picked this photo out of the group because it was not a posed picture.  One of the best features in my camera is having the interval shooting option, I prefer this a lot over the self-timer or using a remote – a tripod was used too.  I selected to have a few pictures be taken every 5 or 10 seconds so it can capture a candid moment.  After I got myself ready I took photos minus the rollers and wrap but I wasn’t as happy with them as I was with the photos of me getting ready. 

Every woman should feel beautiful with or without the superficial stuff around us.  I realized that letting go and not taking care of my appearance because of how I felt was only making me feel worst.  I took the time to take a look at myself, not just from the outside but also from within and appreciate all the wonderful things I have in my life.  I have a loving little family who supports me, keeps me positive, and reminds me how much I am loved everyday.  We may not always be together but we find a way to make it work - It may not be perfect but I am very grateful because without them these times would be very different.  I am also blessed to have great people around me who look after me very well … you have to be thankful for good friends and a loving family.


Photo Challenge Submission

Monday, March 5, 2012

Styling my MacBook Pro with Snow

I was so excited today to see my package finally arrive after waiting nearly 8 days.  I have been wanting a Snow White decal for my MacBook Pro for such a long time now, so I gave in and bought mine on Etsy – I couldn’t find it any where else.  I’m not sure how I feel about purchasing through Etsy since the seller goofed, after putting it on my computer I noticed it’s not the correct size, it does not fit exactly right on my 15” laptop. 

I’ve emailed the seller and I hope they send me one that actually fits my computer because I just love how cute it looks … would love it even more if it fit though.

Cute, huh?!

Snow White has always been one of my favorite Disney characters.  I guess you can say I like all of the brunette characters, which sadly aren't many.  My favorite of all would have definitely been a Latina character ... I don't believe they ever had such a princess.  


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pre-Spring Planting

The day started off beautiful … the sun was out and the temperature was nice and warm.  I went out, walked the dog and noticed it was beginning to go dark and the wind was picking up.  As I walked back the raindrops started to hit my face pretty quick.  There go my plans to drive out to the Renaissance Festival later today. 

Instead we headed to Home Depot in search for a venus flytrap.  We went a few months ago and didn’t find one in stock, today was no different, and my little person wasn’t happy to hear he'd go home with his much anticipated flytrap.  So we decided to plant something in our garden.  After walking down the aisles looking at different herbs, fruits and vegetables we decided to go with strawberries.

It was a big deal since he was actually the one making the purchase today.  Unfortunately, he only had enough for the plant and the pot but couldn’t afford the soil.  Dad decided he would fork over the money for the soil since I would also use it for my avocado tree that has grown out of it’s current pot.

As soon as we got home we all got busy potting our plants.  I know nothing about strawberries, so I let the Mr. take care of that while I focused on depotting my avocado plant to a bigger pot.  

 I’ve had this plant for about a year now, my little person planted it at school and now I have taken over the plant, and it has grown wonderfully. I’m very proud considering I normally kill all the plants in the house.  This avocado tree is meant to be.


Ni Hao Yall
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