Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pre-Spring Planting

The day started off beautiful … the sun was out and the temperature was nice and warm.  I went out, walked the dog and noticed it was beginning to go dark and the wind was picking up.  As I walked back the raindrops started to hit my face pretty quick.  There go my plans to drive out to the Renaissance Festival later today. 

Instead we headed to Home Depot in search for a venus flytrap.  We went a few months ago and didn’t find one in stock, today was no different, and my little person wasn’t happy to hear he'd go home with his much anticipated flytrap.  So we decided to plant something in our garden.  After walking down the aisles looking at different herbs, fruits and vegetables we decided to go with strawberries.

It was a big deal since he was actually the one making the purchase today.  Unfortunately, he only had enough for the plant and the pot but couldn’t afford the soil.  Dad decided he would fork over the money for the soil since I would also use it for my avocado tree that has grown out of it’s current pot.

As soon as we got home we all got busy potting our plants.  I know nothing about strawberries, so I let the Mr. take care of that while I focused on depotting my avocado plant to a bigger pot.  

 I’ve had this plant for about a year now, my little person planted it at school and now I have taken over the plant, and it has grown wonderfully. I’m very proud considering I normally kill all the plants in the house.  This avocado tree is meant to be.


Ni Hao Yall

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  1. How cute is your little boy there at the checkout, all ready with his money? Very sweet! You also reminded me that I pinned an article on Pinterest about growing an avocado tree from a pit. Now that I see yours, I may have you try it!


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