Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From the Kitchen to the Bedroom

Hi All!!!

It feels like I’ve been gone for ages and have neglected my little blog once again. 

As I took care of a few duties around the house I thought I would grab my camera and take a few shots of the “things” that I love RIGHT NOW.  Like the title read … from the Kitchen to the Bedroom … get your dirty mind out of the gutter! 

But yes, I wanted to share with you my current favorite kitchen gadget.  Seriously, I have no idea how I lived the last 30ish years without one of these in my life.  I was not blessed with the ability to be a great cook and to find the right spices to make the perfect blend for a delicious dish.  What can I say? I like cookbooks and latetly, I’m LOVING Pinterest … that’s a whole other story though.

A close friend of mine, that is also handicapped in the kitchen introduced me to a Rice Cooker.  Yup! I loves me some rice, but lets face it, white rice isn’t the best when you can be having brown or wild rice instead.  However, every time I get the cajones to be a bit risky and make brown rice I totally mess it up.  My final result is soggy rice.  Yuck!

Tonight I actually managed to make wild rice and not sticky wild rice, but actual fluffy rice.  It was divine! 

If you are rice challenged like I am, I highly recommend you invest in a rice cooker.  I didn’t fork out $200 for high-end cooker; instead I purchased a Cuisinart 4-cup rice cooker for about $50.  The few times we have had rice I have been using this machine and it has been so easy and effortless.

On to the bedroom …. Bow chicka wow wow!!!

Well, that is where I keep my makeup, skincare and hair products. 

As I mentioned in a one of my last posts I have been using less makeup lately.  My palettes are collecting dust in the closet and I’ve considered finding a new home for them :-( …
In the past few weeks I have been really enjoying the Garnier BB Cream.  I use it as a tinted moisturizer and follow with a drug store powder.  The powder that I have loved lately is the Milani Multi-tasker, it’s very inexpensive (compared to high-end powders) and it does the trick to keep my oily face less oily.

On to my hair – while cleaning out my drawers, I rediscovered Phyto Phytolisse serum.  After towel drying my hair I rub my hands together with a couple drops of this product and focus on my ends.  Result, less frizz –  and if I have extra time I will blow-dry and put my hair up in hot rollers.  It’s amazing what I find in my drawers some times, I wonder if this just happens to me?

At night I have added this to my routine … EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint.  I keep one in my purse and one next to my bed.  It’s definitely made me want to pucker up a bit more lately.  I’m not a big fan of any of the other flavors/ scents but this one.

And finally, my cami, I am totally in love with these little tops.  While I was on the other side of the world a few years back, my sister-in-law introduced me to Country Road’s Seam-free Camisoles.  I fell in love with how well they held everything while still being soft.  They last forever too.  Living in the states makes it a bit hard to come across these amazing camis … instead I have found a slight thicker and more shape forming cami.  My favorite are the Self-Expression by Suddenly Skinny.  It’s not as light as the ones I mentioned before but they are quite nice and help conceal those unwanted curves.   The best part is that they fit well under most clothing, a definite staple in every woman’s closet. 

Well, now that you have seen my latest favorite items I’d like to share a funny story/photo of something that happened this evening.  While I was busy getting things sorted before bedtime my little person decided to give our four-legged family member a face-lift? Body lift?  I’m not sure what kind of lift but this is how I found him…


Don’t worry he wasn’t harmed, minutes before he was wagging his tail … with a smile from ear to ear.  I swear think this little guy thinks he’s human at times.


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