Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jessica Simpson Handbag

A few days ago while shopping for Halloween decorations I happen to be in shopping center where a  T.J. Maxx is also located.  As I have mentioned before, I bought a handbag from there about a month or so ago.  I knew that I would most likely find something cute ... a girl can't have too many bags ... hehehhee.

So here is the little treasure I found ....

Can you believe that this bag is made by Jessica Simpson?  I have to say that I was impressed.  So impressed that I went on her website to see what other goodies she had that I had not discovered yet.  While browsing I found the same exact bag I bought at T.J. Maxx for more, way more than what I paid ...   click here to check her website out.  I'm no sucker!  I did not pay $118.00 + tax for this bag.  This bargain hunter paid less than half of her website price.  Also, this bag is listed as a new item.  Thank you Jessica Simpson ... or should I say T.J. Maxx?

This bag suits me perfectly, it's not too big but not too small, and it fits all my precious little things like my phone, my keys, my leopard wallet, and so many of the other items I lug around.  It has two zip pockets on each outer side, plus two additional pockets.  My bag also came with an extra strap which can be used to wear it as a cross-body bag.  I am short so that look would not look good with this size bag.  It's very sturdy and so easy to clean.  On occasion I like to wipe the bottom of my handbags with a moist towel and mild soap (or a disinfectant wipe) to clean off any of the dirt that it might have picked up when setting it down while dining, shopping, or after being put on my steps.  ahahhaha!

There are other colors on her website but for an everyday, the black works for me.  

Don't you just love to find good deals?


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  1. I knew Jess would sucker you in. She has good style.


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