Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If you live in the states and you love all that is beauty, you might have heard of a little place called Ulta.  Today I took a looooong drive to my nearest Ulta only to discover how it was a complete waste of time and gas … so very disappointed.  Like one of my dear friends said to me, “Ulta is like a ghetto Sephora,” hahahaha – she is so right!  Had I known what I know now I would not have taken such a long drive to get there. 

Let me start off by saying that Ulta does carry both items you will find in drugstores and at most department stores, except it is very limited to the quantity they carry.  Sephora only carries items that you would find in department stores or higher end cosmetic lines, in my opinion at least.  YSL, Shiseido, MUFE, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder, Lancome … to name a few.

I was so excited once I finally arrived to only be disappointed by the products they had and lacked.  You would think that Ulta would have a larger quantity of products but nope! They are very limited.  NYX Cosmetics is one of the lines I wanted check out because it’s very inexpensive and I love their lipsticks and glosses.  There was about 2-3 of whatever was still left on the shelves.  Also they did not have all the lipstick shades I was hoping to try.  In all honesty, I’ve seen more of a selection (for NYX) at a fashion store than I saw at Ulta.  Also each of their lines was so small and again, VERY LIMITED … Lorac, Smashbox, Urban Decay …. I found that they had a larger section for drugstore lines than department store items.

Here are a few pictures of the store as you enter.  Don’t be fooled, it is big however the items I did like they did not have in stock.  Perhaps I walked in on a bad day and items are sitting in a box waiting to be shelved.  Hmmmmmm …. Am I making excuses for these guys?

This is right outside the store, I was excited to finally arrive.

As soon as you walk in.

To the left - most of the drugstore make up, brushes, lotions, hair dye.  What you would find at CVS.

To the right - higher end cosmetics, fragrances, nail polish, body care


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  1. that's why I emailed you the website to order online so you won't make a trip. At least you can say you've been too one.


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