Friday, November 12, 2010

Palm Beach Zoo

This past weekend my tribe and I headed to the beautiful Palm Beach Zoo.  It was the perfect time of the year to walk around the zoo since the weather was in our favor and there was actually a nice cool breeze.  I have visited the Miami Zoo in the summer in high humidity hot weather and it was not fun at all.  Besides the zoo being so big which meant there was lots of walking (in our case we opted for the bicycle cart) the high heat did not make it pleasant.  Even with a bicycle cart the breeze was like being slapped with a wet towel ... not that I've ever been slapped with one but you can imagine.  Here are some of the pictures of our trip ... my favorite part of the zoo was the Mayan exhibit, I am sucker for pyramids and sculptures.  Enjoy!

This is how our day started, I had to take a picture of this.

I think this is a vulture, not sure, but I didn't want to be around this fella.

How beautiful is this swan?  Poor thing though, look at the filth it's swimming in.

Next, the tigers, the other one was a bit shy.

Aaaaah! Now we get to my favorite part of the day.

Tell me this isn't beautiful?  I'd love to actually see these sculptures and pyramids some day again.

I believe this was to be some type of replica of one of the widest tree in the world, which happens to be in Oaxaca.  I think this is too small though ... the real thing is way bigger than this. 

The problem with being the one that has the camera is that you never get to be in the pictures.  I would have liked to be part of this one.

The Jaguar, beautiful!

I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was really interested in looking at what was in front of me that I forgot to take more shots.  The zoo was a lot bigger and had more exhibits than what I share here.  Hope you enjoyed it.


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