Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simple Things Sunday - Love

It's Sunday so you know what that means ... besides the Oscars ... Simple As That is hosting The Simple Things Sunday.

If you have been keeping up with what happens around the world you'd know that New Zealand recently suffered another massive earthquake measured at 6.3.  This time it actually had fatal casualties unlike the quake which hit back in September which was measured at 7.1 and had no fatalities.  Since I last checked there are 147 dead and at least 200 still considered missing.  

I pray for the families who are still missing their loved ones and for the entire country of New Zealand.  God is with you.

I thought I would dedicate today's entry on one of my loves ... and be thankful for all the people in my life, near and far.  Unfortunately, we sometimes forget how lucky we all are to have our loved ones with us or at least be able to call them to let them know how much they mean to us.  We often get so caught up in the day-to-day, work, school, life, that we forget to appreciate what we have.  

Very grateful,



Monday, February 21, 2011

Renaissance Festival

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Renaissance Festival, these festivals are held all across the country and are so much fun.  For years I have wanted to visit the festival and experience traveling back in time in the day and life during this era.  The theme for this week was “Pirate Theme” and let me say it was very hard to distinguish who worked there and who was there to enjoy the event.  There was entertainment for the entire family – stage acting, juggling, rides (not mechanical), sword fights, kid games, etc.. I can see why people would purchase a season pass to enjoy this event during its time in their state.

Although we did get off to a late start getting to the even it was worth making the trip.  We say fairies, pirates, wenches, knights and gorgeous outfits that you can only see in movies.  We snacked on kettle popcorn, roasted corn and enormous chocolate chip cookies.  I enjoyed the smell of wood burning and chickens roasting in the outdoors.  While walking around the park we saw a few people walking around with turkey legs … personally, it didn’t look very tasty … chowing down a large poultry leg, can you imagine? Hahahah!

If your state or country holds an annual Renaissance Festival I encourage you to check them out .. you will have a great time and learn a few things while you’re there.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Wonder Woman Goodies

Let me start by saying that Wonder Woman is my favorite superheroine!  But why wouldn't she be?  She is a hot brunette that can kick some ... let's just leave it at that ...

When I found out that MAC was launching a line with WW I knew that I had to pick up a few pieces.  I must admit that I was suckered in by the packaging.  If you haven't already seen the line visit the MAC website and take a look.  In the past I have always purchased the shadows but I have so many that it would be a waste to buy it just for the package.  These particular items I chose are pieces that I could use daily and would be put to good use.  Like I said, I only picked up a few pieces and to be honest I am proud that I only walked out with just three.

I wish the actual product would have had WW rather than just the logo.

Lustre L/S in Marquise D'

Mineralize Skinfinish in Pink Power

Powder Blush in Mighty Aphrodite
I cannot wait to try these items in the next few days.  

I'm so proud I did so well and had some self-control ;)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Day In Pictures

Today was such a beautiful morning I thought it would be a shame to workout at the gym and so I went to the park and worked out.  Since my knee isn't feeling too good it would be best that I do something with less impact and not aggravate that part of my body.  That's the last thing I need right now, a jacked up knee!

So this is what my peepers saw ... and get ready for an over dose of pictures ...

These photos don't capture just how beautiful this place actually is.  I might have a picnic one of these days as I watch the boats cruise by.  

Have a an active day and hope you squeeze in that workout!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just letting it all out ...

I think it has been pretty obvious that I have steered away from my blog lately … as much as I feel like I may be making this a negative post I feel compelled to put it out there … I am in a rut.  These past two - maybe even three weeks - I have been pushing myself towards a goal of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.  However, I felt like my mojo was long gone, even prior to my new routine.  I have set in motion my plan to work out, try and eat healthier and stay positive.  For the most part I am feeling so much better with this new existence, my energy level has increased which is great because there is nothing worst than feeling sluggish all day when you have others counting on you to do things for them.  I have managed to make time to workout, at times twice in one day.  Who knows how long that may last but I am okay with once a day :-/

This change has replaced the things I enjoyed doing before … like my photography and makeup, which let’s face it, it’s not a bad thing both those puppies are expensive if you get in to it on a serious level.  I have always enjoyed my amateur photography and found it very difficult to find inspiration lately; Same said with my makeup … the art, the creativity just hasn’t been there for me and I miss it but I don’t have the motivation I had before.

My goal now is to try and mesh all my loves and have them work with one another, including this blog … if that makes any sense.  Today I had the opportunity to exercise outdoors on my own and discovered that there were so many beautiful things that needed to be captured, for the first time in a long while I thought, “I ought to have my camera with me”.  Of course when I did get home I found that my camera’s battery was completely flat, that is NOT LIKE ME.  My makeup has been pushed to the side and moisturizer has been the only thing (aside from sun block) that has been used on my face.  Sadly, not even tinted moisturizer has been an option- WHAT!?  All the beautiful colors, liners, mascara, lipstick … all put away, and although it may save me a lot more time at night, I miss it.  My face has felt at it’s best lately and I’m sure it has something to do with the bare face movement I’m going through but I want to feel inspired to do an eye color or a face. 

Is it just me?  Do we just get ourselves in a rut after a while?  I want to love my hobbies again ..



Hi all!  I know I've been MIA once again but I swear I've got a good excuse.  I'll get more into that in my next post ....

I wanted to let you all know that I have entered in Shutter Love Tuesday with The Trendy Treehouse.... if you like my photo for this weeks challenge EYELASHES stop by and vote for me ... click here.  Thanks! and expect a post later tonight.  This post is my attempt to get my groove back ...


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