Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just letting it all out ...

I think it has been pretty obvious that I have steered away from my blog lately … as much as I feel like I may be making this a negative post I feel compelled to put it out there … I am in a rut.  These past two - maybe even three weeks - I have been pushing myself towards a goal of maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.  However, I felt like my mojo was long gone, even prior to my new routine.  I have set in motion my plan to work out, try and eat healthier and stay positive.  For the most part I am feeling so much better with this new existence, my energy level has increased which is great because there is nothing worst than feeling sluggish all day when you have others counting on you to do things for them.  I have managed to make time to workout, at times twice in one day.  Who knows how long that may last but I am okay with once a day :-/

This change has replaced the things I enjoyed doing before … like my photography and makeup, which let’s face it, it’s not a bad thing both those puppies are expensive if you get in to it on a serious level.  I have always enjoyed my amateur photography and found it very difficult to find inspiration lately; Same said with my makeup … the art, the creativity just hasn’t been there for me and I miss it but I don’t have the motivation I had before.

My goal now is to try and mesh all my loves and have them work with one another, including this blog … if that makes any sense.  Today I had the opportunity to exercise outdoors on my own and discovered that there were so many beautiful things that needed to be captured, for the first time in a long while I thought, “I ought to have my camera with me”.  Of course when I did get home I found that my camera’s battery was completely flat, that is NOT LIKE ME.  My makeup has been pushed to the side and moisturizer has been the only thing (aside from sun block) that has been used on my face.  Sadly, not even tinted moisturizer has been an option- WHAT!?  All the beautiful colors, liners, mascara, lipstick … all put away, and although it may save me a lot more time at night, I miss it.  My face has felt at it’s best lately and I’m sure it has something to do with the bare face movement I’m going through but I want to feel inspired to do an eye color or a face. 

Is it just me?  Do we just get ourselves in a rut after a while?  I want to love my hobbies again ..


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  1. I think it's normal to not have much interest in hobbies you love doing. When you pull away from something you come back strong with more ideas. So give yourself a break and try something new... like your work out. Nothing wrong with that.


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