Monday, February 21, 2011

Renaissance Festival

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Renaissance Festival, these festivals are held all across the country and are so much fun.  For years I have wanted to visit the festival and experience traveling back in time in the day and life during this era.  The theme for this week was “Pirate Theme” and let me say it was very hard to distinguish who worked there and who was there to enjoy the event.  There was entertainment for the entire family – stage acting, juggling, rides (not mechanical), sword fights, kid games, etc.. I can see why people would purchase a season pass to enjoy this event during its time in their state.

Although we did get off to a late start getting to the even it was worth making the trip.  We say fairies, pirates, wenches, knights and gorgeous outfits that you can only see in movies.  We snacked on kettle popcorn, roasted corn and enormous chocolate chip cookies.  I enjoyed the smell of wood burning and chickens roasting in the outdoors.  While walking around the park we saw a few people walking around with turkey legs … personally, it didn’t look very tasty … chowing down a large poultry leg, can you imagine? Hahahah!

If your state or country holds an annual Renaissance Festival I encourage you to check them out .. you will have a great time and learn a few things while you’re there.


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