Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pickin' at the Farm

We decided to get our weekend started off one day early and make a field trip out to a local farm with all the kids (not all mine).  This was by far the best experience I’ve had with four kids at a farm, none ended up with dirt or mud on their clothes or tracking in dirt into the kitchen floor.  It was the easiest way of picking strawberries … standing up while picking with kid’s safety scissors, not at all what I expected. 

Not only were their strawberries but we also had the chance to pick beans and hopefully in 2 months tomatoes.  I can’t wait! 

So what did I do with all those strawberries?  Well, there is no way that we would finish the whole batch on our own so ..... we decided to store a few away in our freezer and use them for STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKES …. Yumm!  I normally purchase frozen organic strawberries to use for our smoothies or shakes so I thought I’d save my freshly picked strawberries for that.  My other option would have been to make a jelly but we honestly don’t eat much of that with our peanut butter sandwiches.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Sunday Snapshot

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