Friday, January 20, 2012

Taking a Ride

This afternoon my four-legged friend hopped in my backseat and took a ride around town with me.  He was so cute, I had to take a few pictures of him whenever possible since I was driving but ... had I not been I'm sure we would have had a photo shoot in the backseat.  We ran errands most of the day but I could tell he was enjoying his day out.  Most days he spends them minding the house so today was definitely a treat.  I could take photos of him all day ... he is one of my best models.  

By the end of the day he couldn't wait to climb in his (orthopedic) bed.

What can I say? He is livin' the dream.


project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


1 comment:

  1. he's handsome! yay! i want to cuddle him right now :))


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