Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simple Things Sunday - Outdoors

With such beautiful weather we couldn't pass up spending it outside so we got our "Simple Things Sunday" started early.

Weekends are usually the only days I have time to make pancakes from scratch.  Chocolate chip pancakes are the family's favorite, no syrup needed, with a side of fruit.

Yesterday we thought we would take a late trip to the beach.  Winter time at the beach in Florida is absolutely perfect weather.  We tossed the frisbee around for a while, built volcanoes, and soaked up some Vitamin D.  Just before the sun started setting we headed back home.

Since yesterday was all about us and our pug didn't get to enjoy the beach with us we thought we would surprise him by taking him to the doggie park.  

I nearly passed out when I saw this Great Dane come greet my Pug - he would have been an appetizer.

After doing a few trips up the ramp and sniffing a few rear ends it was time to go home and get ready to watch the big game.

What a game it's been so far.  I have been taking breaks during this post to watch the New England Patriots play the Baltimore Ravens.  Personally, I'm a Brady fan so I hope for them to win.  Although, after watching The Blind Side I have a soft spot for Michael Oher, what can I say, I can be a big softy sometimes.

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Let's go PATRIOTS!! I want to see them at the Super Bowl! 


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