Thursday, January 5, 2012

Barely There Makeup

After clearing the house this morning it was finally time to get myself ready.  I thought I would share with you what I normally use when I need that extra pick me up without overdoing my face.

Who really has time to do themselves all up in the morning?  I don't! However, I still need to look like I've slept and be able to head out the door without frightening anyone that sees me.  

These few items help me face the world ...

So I missed a few things but I'll list them at at the end.

In no particular order:

** Not listed:  Lipgloss - Prestige Skin Loving Minerals in Soft Peach

I forgot to mention the product I used for my brows, Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner  in Taupe.
It's very hard to find a color for my brows that contains ash while still having good staying power.  Most makeup artists want to put warm colors on my brows.  YUK! For that reason I love my Anastasia Brunette Express Kit.  This WnW liner is a good substitute when your traveling (to avoid hauling the Anastasia kit package) or to use when you are in a rush.

I realize that it may seem like many products but keep in mind that for many it is very small amounts that I use.

The first thing I apply is Boots Perfect and Protect Beauty Serum.  While I apply my body lotion I allow the serum do it's work.  On off days I use Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller, it really does help brighten up the eye area without making it so dramatic, and it's pretty affordable.  Once the serum has time to settle I use Peter Thomas Roth Make-up-less all over.  It's great because while it provides a hint of color it also has SPF 30, which I am all for.  Next comes the foundation, let me be clear, I use this in areas that are a bit problematic (discoloration, redness), blending is key.  I set the foundation and use it all over, MAC Mineralized Skin Natural in two shades - depends on how much color I may have had the day before.  To add color back to my face I use Chanel Soliel Tan, in areas the sun would normally kiss my face.  Top that off with a cream blush from MAC, add some highlight to the check bones with MAC's magic powder.  I love how the magic powder is loose but once it blends to the skin it gives a cooling affect.

For the eyes, I dusted a little of the MSF powder to my lids and added a bit of MAC's eyeshadow, I alternate between Omega and Moleskin, on the crease and a little bit higher to peak through since I do have smaller eyes.  I'm not a big fan of eyeliner especially black during the day, which is why I use EL's eye shadow with a flat brush to push the color onto my top lash line.  Swipe a couple of layers of your favorite mascara and finish everything off with some lip gloss.

This takes me no more than 10 minutes in the morning and I'm out the door.

I was on such pressed time I didn't even take a photo of the final look.  However, it did look like I didn't have much makeup on.  I suppose you could call this the "No Make-Up Make-Up Look"

I will try to post a photo of that in the coming days.  Happy Wednesday!


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