Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cozumel, MEXICO

As I promised in one of my last post … here are my photos from Cozumel. 

Honestly, this is one of the destinations I hope to visit again in the future.  The Mayan Ruins in Cozumel are the ones I wish to get to see and have added to my bucket list.  Besides the beautiful beaches that are located in Mexico there is so much history that I would love to be able to see one day.  As a child history was one of my favorite subjects.  Mainly because it is important to know ones history, to get a better understanding of what occurred in the past.  If you love stories than history would probably be something that would interest anyone who wanted facts and truth. 

To think that someone actually built these building many years ago and to see them still standing is just amazing to me.  I suppose I still love history even though my memory isn’t as good as it use to be. 

As I had mentioned in my previous holiday post, I didn’t take many photos because I was so caught up on what was in front of me, so these are all I managed to salvage. 


A view from land of the ship.

On the road next to the beach ... how do these locals do it? 

The beach was calling for me ...

I love everything about this photo ... the bright color of the buildings to the uneven sidewalks.

I actually had to ask this police officer if he would suggest a restaurant for lunch ... we got a police escort!

...and this is how they seal the deal

I wanted to buy everything I saw.  

As we get on the boat we get to listen to this solo mariachi.  

Back to the boat we all go ...

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