Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sigma Synthetic Face Kit

I am super excited to have receive my Sigma brushes this week!  So far I have used two of the set of three and am very impressed with how well they apply my foundation and cream bronzer. 

This time of the year is when I wear most of my cream products because they make my makeup last a lot longer if layered … cream-power, cream-power.  In my case it’s just cream-powder but on days when I know I will need extra coverage or long lasting power, I will be a bit heavy handed. 

Most of you may now how much I raved about the Kirkland Brand flat top brush for my foundation.  Well … this new Sigma brush is a whole lot more dense than the Kirkland brand and work soooo much better when blending.  Besides it being extremely soft, it blends my cream, liquid foundation with so much ease.  For many years I was a strong believer in powder foundations because of my oily/ combination skin, but with the right products I can use the cream or liquid foundation and make them last all day .. with a lot more coverage than my powder foundations. 

I have always been a MAC Studio Fix Powder user but I have found over the years that it does not photograph well.  Most of my photos have clearly shown a white mask due to the Studio Fix Powder and sometimes even the Studio Fix Fluid.  I love both products but honestly they just don’t do well if you are being photographed. 

I took this post on a whole other route by discussing my opinion of the MAC Studio Fix Powder and Fluid.   Although the Fluid blends in well with this new brush it just does not look well in photos.  Perhaps this should just be a foundation that should be used if you plan on NOT being photographed. 

If you have not tried the Sigma brush line, I encourage you to give them a try.  I own a lot of MAC, Crown, Smashbox and Sigma brushes and can tell you that Sigma makes brushes that are very comparable to MACs line. 

I hope some of you found this post useful and can assure you I will be using these three brushes for all my summer makeup needs.


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