Sunday, January 9, 2011

Simple Things - Weekend at the Zoo

What an amazing day with my little family.  It began with brunch at our local diner followed by an afternoon at the zoo.  The day was just magnificent; just perfect … I wouldn't change a thing.  After brunch we took a nice drive to the wildlife zoo and drove around the as we snapped pictures of all the wild animals.  Normally when we visit the zoo we are exhausted in about 2 hours after walking around, up and down, the hills and puzzle that is the zoo.  Driving though the zoo was great because we snacked while we watched all the animals run around.  My family and I agreed that it was the best zoo we had ever been to (in the U.S.), we don’t enjoy seeing the animals caged and with limited space to roam around in.  Once we had driven through the wildlife zoo we wandered into the park to ride on the carousel, Ferris wheel and I paddled the boat.  Once we were ready to head home we had to treat our tummies to funnel cake and strawberry ice cream.  What a nice way to end our day, ice cream on a pleasantly warm day.  I took this photo as we were getting ready to leave and I was holding onto my funnel cake, balancing my plate and trying to take this shot with my right hand … not bad, huh?

This photo will also be participating in Rebecca's, The Simple Things weekly challenge.  As always, visit her blog to see all the other entries.  I promise you will be inspired.  

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were surrounded by the ones you love.


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