Monday, January 24, 2011

Simple Sundae Sunday

What a way to end the day ... this goes totally against what my goal is for this year but there are days when you just need to indulge and that is exactly what I did last night.  After my tribe was sound asleep I made myself comfortable on my living room couch with a bowl of my homemade sundae ... on a Sunday!  Ha!  I had to amuse myself.

I also was probably one of the last people to be watching this movie but I have been looking forward to having this film come out on DVD and it finally did ... The Social Network.  It was totally worth skipping some Z's last night, although, I am paying for that now *yawn*.

My house was full with sleepy people upstairs while I enjoyed my sundae and a flick on a cloudy Sunday.  I love staying home and watching a movie far more than sitting in a theater paying way too much for a movie and snacks.  It's the simple things right?

Hope you all had an awesome weekend.  I will have a few upcoming posts with my new skincare routine ... I'm totally digging it too.  Enjoy and don't forget to visit Simple As That for Rebecca's weekly challenge of the simple things.


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