Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bag Peek

What’s in a bag?

As a woman I feel that I can’t go anywhere without my oversize handbag and all it’s goodies inside.  Without my bag I feel completely naked and sadly, out of balance.  I switch bags depending on the outing but find myself going back to this particular one, Jessica Simpson bag.  It is the most comfortable and roomy bag I’ve ever owned … well, maybe my Coach bag is just as roomy but this one just looks sturdier. 

What is in MY bag?  All my little treasures, necessities that must stay with me at all times for that “just in case” moment.

Are you ready?  Here we go …

  • Hand Lotion: Yes To Carrots hand lotion.  I need to always have lotion for my hands; I cannot stand having dry hands and/or cuticles.  Yuk!

  • Hand Lotion:  L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Crème.  Because having one hand lotion is not enough.  I need to have options ;)

  • Coach Wallet: Gift from my little sister.  I love how small this little wallet is yet it fits all my discount cards and change.

  • Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses (Polarized): My favorite pair.  They go everywhere with me and I like how light they feel, the polarized is a big plus when driving on a sunny afternoon with the sun in your face.  If you’ve never owned a polarized pair I recommend you look into a pair.  There is a big difference.

  • Compact Digital Camera: Sony Digital Camera.  You never know when you might want to capture a moment.  Carrying my Nikon would be too heavy so this is my compact camera … for now.

  • Perfume: I like having options and how many do I need?  In my case three.  Daisy by Marc Jacobs, FlowerBomb byViktor & Rolf and Sinner by Kat Von D.  This has got to be one of the best things out there; roller scents are great for people like me who want options without spending on a full size bottle.  The down side, in my opinion, is that they do not last as long as I would hope for … meaning the scent on my skin.

  • Eye Drops: Blink makes the best eye drops for contact wearers.  I’ve tried all brands and these are my favorite.

  • Pressed Face Powder:  Benefit in No. 2.  This is my second Benefit compact for on the go.  For days when I am slightly oilier than I’d like to be, I use a blotting sheet before lightly dusting a bit of this powder.

  • Blotting Sheets:  Shiseido Blotting Sheets.  My favorite!  They aren’t the cheapest but they are the best.  I worked for Shiseido a few months back, before I left I made sure to purchase backups using my discount, which wasn't much :(

  • Lip Sticks:  I was so surprised to find that I only had 7 sticks in my purse.  Most times I put a lipstick in for the day/ night out and never take it out again.  Is this just me or does this happen to all girls?  Here go the names: NYX in Orange Soda and Pumpkin Pie/ MAC in Hue/ Rimmel in Airy Fairy/ Revlon in Silver City and Blush/ Hourglass in Enchant.

  • Lip Gloss:  Victoria Secret Brilliant Lip Shine in Undress

  • Lip Liner: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked/ Rimmel in Natural/ MAC in Stripdown, Dervish, Hover/ Lorac in #18

  • Eye Kohl: MAC in I Get No Kick.  I use this in the inner part of my eyes to make me look more awake on days I’m not so awake.

  • Breath Mints:  LifeSavers in PepoMint … because you never want to be caught having funky breath.

Well, those are all my goodies that travel in my bag everyday, unless I’m working out.

If you’d like to know what is in the bag of a cute Irish/ Italian/ American gal, check out Anna Saccone’s blog.  Thanks Anna for sharing your bag insides with us.  ;)

What’s in your bag? 


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