Thursday, January 6, 2011

Should I give in to the hype?

YAY!  Finally! Back to beauty talk!

This past week I had a friend stay with me for the New Year.  During her stay she mentioned the Clarisonic System ... of course, I cannot justify such an expense so I never bothered to look into actually purchasing one.  Instead I looked for a dupe after seeing so many people online express how well the Clarisonic had been working for their skin.  

I don't have dramatically problematic skin but do have those annoying little bumps, clogged pores around my nose and sometimes around my jaw.  

i-Skin Pore Perfecting System

Rather than forking out hundreds of dollars (maybe I am exaggerating a bit) for the Clarisonic I decided to do some research.  Another friend had mentioned that she had seen great results in her sister's face after using the Clarisonic.  I know, too many people raving about that machine aaaah!  I took a nice drive over to my local Sally's Beauty Supply and found the i-Skin Pore Perfecting System for far less than the Clarisonic.  Keep in mind that I have not used the Clarisonic but have read that the i-Skin cleans as well as the Clarisonic.  Don't believe me?  Google it!   

So far it has been two whole days of using the i-Skin morning and night.  I understand that I should probably use it a few days a week but my skin is not as sensitive, if anything it has helped a lot.  My face feels like it has been deep cleaned.  The system comes with it's own cleanser but I frankly don't care for the smell or the feel after I use it.  Instead I use Cetaphil's face wash with the i-Skin system.  Going forward I will be using the i-Skin only 2-3 times per week, just to avoid my skin becoming too sensitive due to everyday brushing.  Although, the brush is very soft.  At first I was afraid that the brush might be too harsh on my skin.

This is what I have read and researched so far:

 The Clarisonic:

- has a timer so you can focus on certain parts of your face at a time
- the brush is round
- system is rechargeable
- starting price to be around $119 for the Mia

The i-Skin:

- no timer, no beeping
- the brush is a tear drop shape, which I like better because I can get into those hard to reach places around my nose, the main problem areas!
- the system uses AA batteries, a plus for me since I do travel and would hate to lose my charging equipment.
- sold at Sally's Beauty Supply for $29.99 

I wish I could give you a better comparison of the two products but I have not used the Clarisonic so at this point I can tell you that the i-Skin is a much less price to pay for a system that is similar to the higher end item.  

If you have used both, please share your experience down below on the comments.  I would really like to know if the Clarisonic is worth no coffee for 3 months.




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