Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beauty Faves of 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

It is so hard to actually believe that we have officially entered a New Year.  Each year has seemed to go by a lot quicker than than the past, must be part of getting older I suppose.

I thought I would share my favorite makeup products of 2010.  These little treasures will be accompanying me into 2011.

I can honestly say that I love each of these items.  Some have been in and out of my  makeup collection but  still remain a staple in my kit.

So let us get started:

Make Up Forever HD 
I did not want to buy into the hype of the HD products when they had initially came out but this foundation truly makes a big difference in my pictures.  My imperfections seems almost invisible when I use this foundation in conjunction with another great product ....

Eve Pearl Concealer
Perhaps the one of the best concealers out there ... I use this concealer under my eyes (for those mornings that you can clearly see I didn't sleep well or was up half the night catching up on all my TV shows).  I love how you get two tones in this little package.

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation
As I have mentioned before on this blog, I have oily/ combination skin, during the winter time I can still be a bit oily in certain areas of my face.  Which is why this is also one of my favorite foundations.  I don't find this foundation to be extremely matte but it is just enough to look like real skin and not a caked on, powdered donut face.  My favorite part about NARS foundations is that they have yellow undertones, much like Bobbi Brown.  And speaking of Bobbi Brown ....

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper
Does just what the bottle states.  Shapes my brows when they decide to go a little nuts.

MAC Mineral Skinfinish
If I am looking for that J.Lo glow look, this is my go-to item.  This past year I have been using the Soft and Gentle on my cheek bones, brow bones and cupid's bow nearly every single day.  I have received tons of compliments when I wear it and it just give my face dimension.  Another one that I love is the well-known, Stereo Rose.  This baby makes my cheeks look naturally flushed without giving it that over the top rosy cheek look.  This item was a Limited Edition MSF so you know I have a backup.  :)

MAC Sculpting and Contouring Powder
I love this compact!  Why? Well, it's easy to travel and it gives me a highlight and contour in one compact.  This past year I did a bit of traveling and this little item went with me each time.  The contour color reminds me of MACs Blunt while the highlight might not be as shimmery as the MSFs I mentioned above but it still does the trick while trotting around.

Anastasia Brow-Express (Brunette)
If I am wearing makeup, even if it's just tinted moisturizer, I am wearing this.  I love the Brunette shade and this packet has two shades, the wax, and highlighter.  Perfect for traveling and even home. ... did I forget to mention it includes a brush?  Because it does!

MAC Drops (Sun Rush)
For those nights I want a little more *umph* or just want to look like I've got the healthiest looking skin, I use this in with my foundation or just certain areas on my face to accentuate.  A little goes a long way with this item which is one of the reasons I love it.  Sadly, it's another one of those items MAC decides to put out only as a Limited Edition.  Booo!

MAC Cream Color Base (Shell)
Can you tell I love having a glowy, dewy looking skin? But lets not get it twisted with oily and with my skin type it can sometimes be a very thin line.  This I also use to apply over my foundation, but before the MSF Soft and Gentle.  I use this so that my MSF powder has something to adhere to and the bonus is that it makes the highlight last longer and not move around my skin.

NARS Blush (Deep Throat)
Perhaps one of the best blushes ever created.  I love how this is a peachy pink color with golf flecks, it's just lovely.  If you have a retailer near you that carrier NARS I suggest you take a look for yourself.  I think it's far better than the over-hyped Orgasm.

L'Oreal Extend Tubes Mascara
If you prefer to save your money instead of paying $20+ on a mascara that will dry out in a few weeks, then I suggest you give this one a whirl.  I love both the blue and red tubes.  The blue mascara tube is said to have serum to help condition your lashes and just like the red tube it needs warm water for it to come off.  I have small eyes and even if I don't cry or sweat, my mascara tends to appear on my lower lashes and smear all over the bottom of my eyes creating a dark looking shadow.  I love the department store mascara but can't alway afford to pay the price so these are a great alternatives at half the price.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I absolutely love to do a natural look on my eyes and this palette is perfect for gals such as myself.  Again, it's all there, crease shadow, lid color, highlighter and even an awesome couple of shades you can use to create a dark smokey look.  I like this palette because it also came with a dark whiskey brown and ebony black eyeliner duo.  Another little package that is great for travel.

.... and lastly, my brushes.  I could go on and on about brushes but I thought I would show you my favorites that I could not live without....

Kirkland Flat Brush:  I use this for my foundation when I want a flawless, seamless look.

Crown Angle Brush:  I love this brush so much I am going to purchase 5 more.  The cost for these brushes in comparison to some of the cosmetic name brand brushes is waaaaaaayyyyyy less.  Check out Crown Brushes I think they have great brushes and the quality is phenomenal.  Seriously, why pay so much when  you can pay a whole lot less for good quality brushes?

Revlon Eye Lash Curler (not in this photo)
I think that pretty much explains itself.

Well, this completes my favorite items of 2010.  I have lots more that I could just rave about on this blog  but if I only had to pick a few, these would be it.  All my other products get swapped out eventually ... hahahahha!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration and wish everyone the best for this year.  Before you know it we will be saying good-bye to another year full of great memories and welcoming a new year with lots of wonderful opportunities.  

Best wishes for the New Year,


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  1. Love this! Have to try the Concealer. Love the new blog look!


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