Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Harvest time is the best time

I am super excited to have the holidays just around the corner.  I have slowly started to decorate my house with spider webs on mirrors, pumpkins, autumn leaves, cinnamon brooms, and arrow wheat. 

This time of year you begin to see the stores gear up for the holidays with harvest, Halloween and Christmas decorations.  I personally love to see the harvest items, they just make me want to buy them all and stay at home.  There is something about those orange, yellow, red tones that remind me of home snuggled up with a warm drink. 

Of course Florida is still warm and there is no need for jackets and boots just yet.  So, I have unpacked all of my sweaters and have begun wearing them, yes, even in this 80-degree weather.

There is still so much more decorating I would like to do and I am also not posting but I wanted to show you how I’m starting.


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