Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moroccan Argan Oil

So I have been seeing Moroccan Oil being used by many beauty gurus on TV and Online and thought I would give it a shot being that my hair has dry ends due to years of dying, bleaching and just damaging my hair with heat.  I realize I might be late to the game with this products but I had not bought into the hype until now.  For the past month I have been using coconut oil and it seems to be doing the job but I am always on the hunt for the next best thing.  At the moment I am trying to let my hair grow long, extensions are just not an option … have you seen the balding that it’s caused women who obsess over extensions, NO THANKS! My hair is mid-way down my back and with an every 3-month trim it seems to be stuck and not growing any more than where it is now.  Now I understand this oil is not going to make my strands grow any longer but I hope it will reduce my morning blow drying time and also have it appear less dry - hence the purchase of Argan Oil. 

I happen to be at a Sally’s this week and thought I would give this oil a try since so many have raved about its wonders.  Keep in mind that my 3 fl oz. bottle was a little under $10, no, I did not spend the money on the $30+ brands … I’m not 100% sold on this yet.  As soon as I opened the bottle I could tell it had quite a distinct scent … very woodsy.  The brand that I purchased was One‘n Only and it looks like this …

I think I will put this on my hair tomorrow after washing it to see if in fact it does reduce the amount of time drying my hair.  If not, I will be going back to my coconut oil. 

Has anyone tried the Moroccan Oil or Argan Oil?  What brands and did you like it?


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