Saturday, September 25, 2010

Doped by a Dupe

While out today at my local drug store I came across this beautiful grey nail polish.

There he was sitting all alone next to the Halloween makeup and promotional items.  I thought to myself how cute it would look on my toesies now that it’s officially fall.  As I stood in line waiting to pay I looked at my new found treasure and thought I had something similar already but quickly talked myself out of it noting it had to be a shade lighter (or darker).  Once I got home I fetched my bin full of nail polishes and found this …

I could have kicked myself in the rear.  A dupe doped me.  One was $8 USD while the other was $2.99 USD.  Take a guess, which was more expensive?  The best part of it is that I prefer the Revlon shade; it looks so much better once swatched than the OPI.  True they are slightly different ... OPIs Sheer Your Toys looks a little more on the purple side, while Revlon's Silver is more of a grey.  

I’ve wanted to try the Grey Suede by Revlon but have had no luck finding it.  

It’s also a little more on the brownish side but I’d still like to give it a go.  Don't forget to apply a base and top coat for longer lasting color and to get your polish's true color.


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