Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wind In My Hair

Hello ... This morning I woke up not feeling my normal self, my throat, chest and body are hurting also.  If you keep up with the news and weather in the southeast you might know that Hurricane Earl is at a category 4 … whatever that means.  This would be my first experience to anything close to a hurricane - I’m use to the earth shaking.  So, although the winds have picked up a bit, the heat is still here.  So much that I was able to drive this afternoon without using my A/C, I thought that day would never come.  It was 95 degrees outside and the wind felt good in my hair. 

It is definitely colder in my house than it is outside which is why I might be getting sick.  Let’s hope this Earl keeps moving and leaves without causing any damage.  I’ve never had to pay so much attention to the weather as I have had to do in the last few months.  You never know, I might just become a meteorologist.  Hahahahah!  Okay, maybe that is going a bit far but I can definitely say that I’m starting to understand the weather pattern a little better.  Well, I am off to bed early, no ‘novelas’ for me tonight.    


1 comment:

  1. I keep hearing about this EARL... making me a little nervous and I'm in Cali. Hopefully it turns it self around and goes away.


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