Monday, August 30, 2010

My Daily Beauty Go-To Picks

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite products I happen to use on a daily basis.

First off is my favorite body cream, yes, I said body cream in summer.

I absolutely love the way this feels on my skin and the scent it leaves and lingers on through out the day.  From the Elizabeth Arden collection, this is the only item I have tried and has become a staple in my beauty stash.  If you are looking for something that smells clean and will not leave your skin feeling greasy, then this is worth you trying.  Every morning after my shower I spread this baby over my body and the bonus is its aroma.  They honey beads are also quite nice and they do not irritate the skin at all.  Can’t say any more about this, go find it and smell it.  Done.

My brushes love this stuff!

My second item is Brush-Off make-up brush cleaner.  This bottle may look familiar you see, the make-up counters in most department stores use this to clean their brushes for immediate use on their clients.  Not only does it clean and disinfect but it also dries in seconds without damaging your brushes.  I love this cleaner so much I bought the full 16oz. bottle and am refilling my little 4oz. pump bottle.  Once or every other week I will do a deep clean to my foundation brushes with mild shampoo and water to get that build-up off; although, I think they do not need to be cleaned because of how well this cleaner works.  One spray pump and your black eye shadow will come off the brush, especially those goat-hair brush bristles.  It’s always nice to start with a clean brush, right ladies?

Lastly, “my Power Couple”, I gave it that name because I think these two products combined work marvelous.  My skin is combination/ oily so I have to be careful not to use anything that will make me look even shinier by the end of the day … the T-zone is my problem.  For an everyday use without the heavy feel of foundation, Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse is perfect.  I know what you’re thinking, “you just said you have combination/ oily skin, why would you use something that is intended for ultra-hydrating skin?”  Yes, this product is ultra-hydrating, but even in this Florida weather and with my patchy combination skin, this glides on my face with a sheer look.  I’m not trying to hide all of my face under a heavy mask of foundation and this is just the thing.  In combination with Maybelline Dream Matte Powder I get a good balance.  I wish the powder would come in a color that is slightly darker than the Medium 2-2.5 but also lighter than the Medium 3-4, that would be my ideal shade.  


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