Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Ornaments and Trees and Elves

This year we decided to go for an artificial tree rather than purchasing a real tree.  You see, every year we have bought a fresh tree to fill our home with that holiday tree scent.  The problem with a real tree is that begins to leave a mess a week later.  In Florida you're probably better off buying a Christmas tree a week before so that it will stay nice and green without all the prickles on your floors, even worst, your rugs.  Ah! That and the fact that you never know if some critter is lurking in that tree. I've heard horror stories of how these trees can carry ticks and lay eggs in your home.  Yuk! Can you imagine?  The fact that critters could be in the tree alone is enough to make me go for a fake one.  Besides, I purchase those holiday candles and I can get the scent without the pine needles all over my house.

So the real reason I decided to write this post....  Well, this ornament ... what can I say ... I volunteer at a school and had one of the kids ask if I had an elf that visited my home while I was asleep and play with my things.  I know it's been a while since I was a kid but who thinks of these things?  Really?  I'm no Scrooge but don't we have enough with leaving a carrot for the reindeer on Christmas Eve?  Okay, okay, maybe I wasn't in the holiday spirit when she asked.  The word spread like fire and next thing you know I'm faking a visit from the elf so that my little people think they too have an elf.  Ay ay ay.  

Anyway ... I had to share that.  

The elf that one of the little people tried catching the other night was finally caught and now lives on our holiday tree.  Since they apparently freeze when you see them (or catch them in our case), we all get to see him hang on the tree.  

What was hard was finding an elf anything.  Fortunately, I was able to find this ornament at Target but the more I look at it the more I think it's an gnome.  Whatcha think? According to the youngest 'little person' elves have pointy ears and curly shoes and clearly this fella has neither.  Oh well, it's as close as an elf as it gets.

Well, off to bed I go.  I just had to get that out there.


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