Saturday, December 4, 2010

Animal Style!

Hizles is on the move ... going cross country to a seminar in Los Angeles ... YAY!  The flight to L.A. was the probably one of the longest and most uncomfortable ones I have been in awhile.  I had body parts in my face for most of the flight.  I suppose this is what you should expect if you are sitting in the aisle seat, next time it's back to the window for me.  But never mind the flight, let's get to my first order of business while in L.A.

Not sure why this person decided to walk directly in front of my camera ... :?

What better place to eat while in L.A. but at In-N-Out?  YUM! Prior to this trip I had made this stop a "must" on my list of things to do.  Animal style all the way, if you've had it, you know what I'm talkin' about.  However, a couple of hours later my tum tum is not so thrilled with my choices.  Oh dear! It's just one of those things that you regret doing but sure enjoy while doing it.  I could use an Alka-Setlzer right now ... oh! tummy I realize you are not as young as you once were, my tummy has caught up with my age.  hehehheh!

I will update later on my trip with photos and my day activities.  On tomorrows agenda ... a little shopping before the big day.


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  1. Some weirdo got in the way of your picture. LOL


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