Sunday, November 21, 2010


One of my most favorite restaurants is Fanco and Vinny’s Restaurant.  They have fantastic tasting pizza and pastas but the real reason I don’t mind making the drive to this place is because of their seafood salad. 

It might not look like much of a salad but the dressing MAKES this salad.

I have asked the waiters if they would be kind enough to share the recipe with me but can only tell me that olive oil and lemons are used to make this tangy tasting dressing.  This salad fills me up.  NO need for dessert, pizza or bread. 

Another one of my favorite salads is … Olive Garden’s salad with breadsticks. Yuummm!  Except if I have it lately, I will be skipping on the breadsticks, who needs the added carbs?

This delightful meal was the topping to my weekend.  Eating out is not something I do too often.  The Howard Hughes in me begins to think too much about what actually goes down in kitchens at many restaurants, regardless of how high-end they feel they might be.

I’ve been told I should relax a bit when it comes to my OCD because it will only worsen with age.  I can actually consent to this … I have gotten worse. 

I’m sure we all think about this at some point when we eat out …. or conceivably just me.

The little things that make my smile …. and my belly.


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