Friday, September 10, 2010

Retail Therapy **ON A BUDGET**

This week has been a bit stressful for me so I thought I would take it to the shops to relieve some anxiety – I do not recommend anyone using shopping as an outlet and spending all your hard earn money – which is why I did it on a budget. 

Without getting into the reason for my stress, I will just say that I forgot how much work it takes to work, especially when it's for free.

So let’s move on to the two treats I got ….

Being that Fall is soon upon us I thought I would get my feet use to being covered and get these grey semi-flats.  Notice how they are not fully flat?  I tried them on with a pair of jeans and they looked so cute.  They made me look so girly!

Then the next item was this handbag … I love how comfy and light this bag is, and check out those studs.  I am definitely going through a stud period, not too long ago I purchased a really cute pair of  shoes with studs too.  Back to the bag, all my junk fits in it lovely.

What I loved most about my purchase was that it all ran me under $100 bucks … YAY! FOR T.J. MAXX!



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  2. Love the bag... Very stylish and cute.


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