Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is finally here and marks the ending of summer, for me at least.  When I was a kid I remember thinking that once Labor Day was here that meant school was not far away.  Summer is at its end and school starts for many, if not already.  Being that this will be my first Fall here in Florida I can’t wait for this heat to be over with.  Today this is what my car read (that's right, 99 degrees, right after I took the picture it went up to 100) …

I kicked off my long holiday weekend with Season 2 of Jersey Shore.  Since I DVR all of my shows and watch them all at once I have a few hours, sometimes days to get up to date. 

You can clearly see that there was no cleaning done on this day.

Lastly, I just found a lizard inside my house .. the pleasures of living where people vacation.  The best part is that it is still out lose … blagh!


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