Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Vacation

Don't let the title of this post fool you into thinking that I am off to a place where it's a winter wonderland.  I am actually referring to School - Winter Vacation.  I am ready to have all the little people back in school, as I am absolutely sure they are as well.  Late nights with friends make it hard for a productive next day, but I love them.  We veg in our living room or kitchen and either play cards, boardgames or just do artsy fartsy stuff.

Santa left this in one of the stockings and today we put it to good use.  I was so afraid that it would get all over my floors or rugs but I was happy how there wasn't clay all over my coffee table.  

I must say that it was a pretty good idea to wait and use it for a 'rainy day'.  We love the craft store in my house. Crayola makes some pretty cool kits that are very much liked at our place.

We had a relaxing day indoors without rushing to get anywhere.  I loved not having to step out of my house today.  

Tomorrow will be a lot more interesting than today was, I'm sure - New Year's Eve!!!


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