Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to keep your makeup in place this summer

Living where there is humidity nearly every single day 24/7 a girl has to be careful what to use in terms of makeup.  In the past I have used MAC’s Fix+ to set my makeup but unfortunately it has not provided the setting power I need.  I had hear about Model in a Bottle and decided I would give that a go but after trying it a number of times, with powder foundation, liquid and cream, it failed every time.  The best way I can describe the look is much like a topcoat of nail polish, a shiny coat.  Blagggh!  My face felt sticky and as if I had a piece of plastic wrap on my face.  What a disappointment!

Just when I thought that there was nothing else that could keep my make up and oil at bay, I discovered these two wonderful products.  The funny thing is that all though Urban Decay De-Slick is an Oil Control Setting Spray and labeled under UDC it is also a product of Skindinavia. 

I have always had combination skin.  More oily during the hot months and a bit more dry, patchy during the cold and winter months, but now that I am always exposed to humidity and sweating evern when I just walk outside these two are my new best friends.  I will be sure to always keep these in stock. 

A clear proof of how well these product work for me was when I went to the park during the hottest part of the day, 12-2PM, and found that although I did sweat my makeup was still standing, with minimal change.  The oil and shine was noticeably less than without the setting spray. 

On their website both are said to keep makeup on all day, control shine and oil without drying, and help makeup from shifting. 

Since I do have both and have had a chance to compare the two, I would repurchase either one because I find they both work exactly the same.  As for cost, they are both priced at $29 each for a 4oz. bottle, not cheap but is definitely worth the investment ;-)


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  1. Thank you for posting this I have been looking for a makeup setting spray.I always wondered if they really worked.


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