Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny came to our home extremely early this morning.  I had a hard time going back to bed after the excitement of baskets being dismantled...

Finally went back to sleep ... got back up a few hours later and headed to church.  I love it when mass goes just as scheduled and there isn't any overtime.  Love it!  

After church we headed for milkshakes, if we all behave during mass we are rewarded with milkshakes ... hmmm, not sure that this is the right thing to do, but it's working so don't judge. hahahah!

Now for the good stuff - not that church wasn't good, but let's be honest, I love something  yummy in my tummy - Dinner got off to an early start, chopping the vegetables to go along with our  ... ready ... ready.. Roasted Lamb.  Oh my goodness was this yummy!  Not to toot my own horn but it's probably one of the best I've tasted.  This is also probably the easiest meal I have ever prepared since the ingredients were minimal.  

After our delicious dinner we headed out for a bike ride.  The rain clouds seemed to be moving in as the sun started to set and I was lucky enough to able to capture this beautiful colorful sky. 

What a way to end this amazing day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday ... enjoy the photos ... also, don't forget check out all the other Simple Things Sunday entries on Rebecca's blog.


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