Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Simple Things - The Baker

I have always been intimidated by the whole baking process, so this week I decided to just suck it up and go for it.  What's easy and can also put to good use those bananas that have over-rippen?  Banana bread!  That was the original plan but soon enough my little person thought muffins were a lot more enticing.  I was sold and I began to search for recipes online (being that I have never baked anything that wasn't out of a box).  This is what I came up with ....

I was pleased with my results.  Watching my little one enjoy this muffin, and the mashing that went on, put a sweet smile on both our faces.

Be a part of the Simple Things challenge or just stop by Rebecca's blog to look at all the other entries.  I will be doing both! 

With a belly full of banana muffins, 



  1. Oh, what fun! Your muffins look gorgeous. I was baking homemade gingerbread doggie treats today.

  2. They look wonderful!! There's nothing better than enjoying a treat with your little one, and seeing the smile on that little face!! :)

  3. mmmm, they look delicious! love this shot! :)


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